Boys Noize Records gets groovy and gritty on ‘Miami Noize 4’ compilation6969647

Boys Noize Records gets groovy and gritty on ‘Miami Noize 4’ compilation

Ahh March. That lovely time of the year when all eyes are on Miami, and all ears are deluged by a veritable tidal wave of strategically timed compilations. With all the sonic selections floating around, it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaffe. Luckily, there are some labels one can always count on.

Boys Noize Records showcases some of the most exciting and innovative talent that the electro house genre has to offer, and its Winter Music Conference compilation is no slouch in representing it. Its 2013 installment ranges from groovy helpings of electro funk from such usual suspects as Bart B More to grittier growlers like Etnik’s crushing “Celsius.” Given the idiosyncratic brilliance of its owner, it’s no surprise that the label includes some some wonderfully weird tunes as well, from the modulated throbbing pulses of Housemeister’s “Discoknutschen” to the ambient schizophrenia of BS1’s “Mists of Time.”

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