Daft Punk rumors abound at SXSW as March 13th, 2013 arrives

daft punk poster

Daft Punk rumors flooding Austin out of SXSW have been unavoidable and have stretched far beyond the capitol of Texas. The world awaits any bit of Daft Punk news — whether it be information regarding their new album, the release of a new single, the announcement of a world tour, or the speculated surprise performance. While Kanye West took over Austin’s Seaholm Power Plant in 2011, the buzz of Daft Punk playing on the steps of the Capitol building seems rather unlikely and such rumors would be quickly brushed under the rug if it weren’t March 13th, 2013.

Last year, a website was launched that declared Daft Punk would make a massive reveal for the date of 3/13/13. That day has come and, ironically, has landed in the heart of South by Southwest, one of the largest conference and festival gatherings in entertainment. Sources have reported some vague validities and pedestrians on site have speculated further, but it comes down to one day: either Daft Punk will make their long-awaited return or 3/13/13 will become the Mayan apocalypse of dance music, and the day will come and go without a bang just like 12/21/12 did.

Let’s distinguish fact from fiction as we anticipate the rest of March 13th.

FACT: Thomas Bangalter has been spotted in Austin, Texas.

RUMOR: Daft Punk will perform on the steps of The Capitol Building.

FACT: A stage is being constructed across the street from a massive Daft Punk billboard that appeared this week.

RUMOR: They will release a song by either the name of “Touch” or “No End.”

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