Daft Punk’s new album officially registered by Sony under PPLDaft Punk Columbia

Daft Punk’s new album officially registered by Sony under PPL

It feels as though we’re following a trail of bread crumbs left by two of the music world’s greatest engineers. Every few weeks more information surrounding Daft Punk‘s latest project surfaces, serving to only build upon its already colossal hype. What started back in January with an article from Le Parisien soon led to an update on Daft Punk’s website and an ad containing new Daft Punk music. Though today’s news may not be as groundbreaking, it may be the most official.

All the hype and speculation you’ve been hearing for the past few months, although tantalizing, has often seemed unsubstantiated. We’ve been led on by pictures, rumors and ads with no clear sense of definitiveness, but today’s news is different. Earlier this morning we were notified on Twitter by @EDM that Daft Punk‘s new album has been officially registered in UK-based music licensing company PPL’s database with rights held by Sony Music Entertainment UK. The album will span roughly 74 minutes and will contain 13 tracks, with some as long as nine minutes.

Daft Punk PPL

Take a deep breath. This is real. A quick “Daft Punk” search on PPL’s website will yield a complete list of their officially registered music, with page 11 containing the new album. The ISRC, or International Standard Recording Code, is perhaps the surest sign of legitimacy. Track 1, for example, is listed as USQX91300101: US for United States; QX9 for Sony’s registrant code; 13 for 2013; and 00101 for the unique 5-digit number to identify the recording.

The bottom line is that Daft Punk‘s album is mastered, mustered, and complete. With the tracks officially registered, it won’t be long before a release date is in sight.

Via: @EDM

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