Dirty South previews ‘Something Like You’ off his forthcoming artist album, ‘Speed of Life’

The buzz and excitement for Dirty South‘s forthcoming album Speed of Life has finally reached its tipping point. One day before its release, we are honored to bring you the final track preview for the album, “Something Like You.” ¬†Showcasing his talent for creating productions that live and breathe, Dragan slowly evolves Rudy’s vocal cut from a heavily vocoded and filter cut growl into an anthemic chorus backed by his signature, ethereal synthwork. The minute-long preview does well to leave us on the edge of our seats, where we will continue to sit until the album’s full release tomorrow on Phazing Records.

Hop past the break to check out the rest of the previews and gain some insight into Dragan’s approach to the album in the “Making Of” video.

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