Diynamic’s Neon Nights hits Miami Music WeekDYNAMIC NEON By MarDC 11

Diynamic’s Neon Nights hits Miami Music Week

With the success of Solomun‘s Diynamic Neon Nights parties at Sankeys in Ibiza last summer, it was only appropriate the king of the White Isle would replicate his tribal gathering during music’s holy week in Miami. Even though I’ve been lucky enough to cross the Atlantic to Ibiza, this would mark my first opportunity to catch him in action. Solomun tops my list of impressionable DJs, and from the very beginning of the evening it was clear Diynamic’s fiesta would only strengthen this resolve.

Let’s start with the setting — Nikki Beach had to quickly transform from the EDM-friendly Spinnin Records pool party earlier in the day to accomodate the label’s modest taste. Whether intentional or not, the white walls and large columns quite literally provided a generous canvas for the evening’s decorations. Imperfect neon tape spelled out declarative phrases like “Don’t Talk Dance” and “DIY” while cool European women weaved through the crowd, applying neon face paint to dancers as they pleased. These days in the US, neon is usually associated with YOLO trucker hats and omnipresent American Apparel onesies but Diynamic has reclaimed the glow for their own purposes.

I arrived in time to catch a bit of Uner and Adriatique, and then a live set from the much buzzed about David August and Kollektiv Turmstrasse. Just two weeks ago, Pete Tong previewed a track called “Eternity” from his debut album and it was pleasing to hear it (and several more new IDs) on Nikki Beach’s big room speakers. Like any highly respected DJ, Solomun runs the label with precision and selflessness — both mentoring new talent and exercising a heavy dose of quality control on his crew.┬áIt is overwhelmingly clear to the eager listener that Diynamic supports DJs that produce a certain brand of house music. On the sliding scale between the deepest forms of house and the most upbeat minimal techno, these dudes land somewhere smack dab in the middle.

Solomun himself took the decks around 2:30 a.m. and opened with a brief acapella of his very notable “Something We All Adore.” Throughout his set he blended in refreshing doses of distorted vocals, hip hop samples, and old school soul. He hit a 2000 & One remix of Bart Skils “Midnight Moving” and his own remix of Kraak & Smaak’s “Let’s Go Back.” 30 minutes into the set, white confetti had already taken over the dance floor.

Solomun is a large man and his stature is fitting for his patient approach to much of the groove-oriented mixing he was doing during his set. He wears the calm of a veteran and while his name calls to mind Middle Eastern themes, he’s a German DJ through and through. He has the gravity onstage to pull off filtered down slow builds that are both tasteful and smooth while also paying special attention to teasing each iota of bass from the throbbing sneakers. Pairing something like 16 Bit Lolitas’ “Nuclear Power Pants” with a housey booty of Outkast’s “Roses” is exactly why he’s special. Check out the full set below from our friends at Be-at.TV and get lost in the power of Diynamic.


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