Editors’ Selections: Week of February 25th, 2013Editors Selections 2

Editors’ Selections: Week of February 25th, 2013

Editors’ Selections is an opportunity for your favorite Dancing Astronaut contributors to talk about some of the music they’re listening to that we might not always get an opportunity to post about from week to week. Sometimes it’s out there, sometimes it’s obscure, but you’ll always get a peek into what we’re loving behind closed doors. 


Rihanna – Stay (Branchez Bootleg)

Branchez has given Rihanna’s relationship ballad “Stay” the trap treatment and the result is irresistible. It’s not the first time the tune has seen remix action but it just might be the best. The chopped and screwed vocals and rolling drums are soothing medicine for the ears. As an added bonus, Branchez is giving away his version for free.


The Airplane Boys – Brave (Produced by The Theorist)

I was introduced to The Theorist by way of a piano cover of J. Cole’s “Work Out,” a track that caught even my not-very-hip-hop-oriented ear. The Ontario producer has continued to play with musical expectations and now is back as a producer for fellow Canadians The Airplane Boys on their track “Brave.” Leaving in-your-face electronic elements at home, and focusing on a chiming tonal melody, echoing percussion, the track is best described as experimental indie hip-hop and is available for free on The Airplane Boys’ site.


Marc Antona – Trio Tree

Marc Antona’s title track off his latest EP on Dissonant slowly mounts into a flickering loop, toying with acid house squelches along the way. In the world of minimal tech house, there is little more exciting than a slow burner. In the way the best tech house tracks can, Antona’s breaks don’t hit you over the head with a hammer, they cuddle you into dance floor submission.


Monitor 66 – Follow You

Swedish duo Monitor 66 are my favorite producers at the moment. I believe they have created the sound of the future, a seductive mix of nu-disco, ambient, and pure bliss. This piece is filled with such piercing raw emotion it will curl you over. The duo just reached 5k fans on Soundcloud and won’t be a secret for much longer.


Michael Jackson – Thriller (Eric Prydz Remix)
I regularly jam along to classics from the king of pop and keep an ear on Eric Prydz at all times, so this remix of “Thriller” combines best of both worlds and comes as a fitting compromise to satisfy my aural needs. The classic “Thriller” grooves and Michael Jackson shrieks remain, but Prydz’s dance floor allure looms.


Chordashian – Cold Nights

The Brooklyn duo Chordashian caught my ear earlier this month when I heard “Cold Nights.” Holding true to my new found love for disco-inspired productions, the track incorporates synthesized piano cords and twinkling hi-hats before mixing in bass plugs midway through. Sampling Lana Del Rey, the duo create a relaxed production that effortlessly translates to the dance floor.


Mala feat. Danay Suarez- Noche Sueños (Zed Bias aka Maddslinky Remix)

Fresh off the release of his stellar Mala in Cuba album, our favorite cross-cultural dubstep deviant Mala gets the remix treatment from Zed Bias aka Maddslinky (In case he’s reading, I prefer the latter name). His take on “Noche Sueños” is a rhythm-oriented groover with sultry vocals and heaps of Latin flavor.


Azari & III – Lost In Time (Amtrac Remix)

I’m a sucker for transposed vocals, but who isn’t? Amtrac’s newest remix of Azari & III is entrancing to say the least. The combination of reverb-heavy piano chords, deep and high pitches voices, and a steady thumping beat will never cease to allure me. Garage and deep house seamlessly merge in Amtrac’s latest work, and I’m hooked.



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