Good Morning Mix – Sasha at Shelley’s Laserdome (1/25/1991)Sasha 1991 E1362542764799

Good Morning Mix – Sasha at Shelley’s Laserdome (1/25/1991)

It’s a fair to say the dance music world as we know it would not be quite the same without Sasha. From the late 80s on, Alexander Coe worked his way up from a comfortable Welsh upbringing to quickly represent the best of UK DJs in early 90s rave. In 1991, before teaming up with John Digweed and his legendary Mixmag cover hailing him as the “Son of God,” Sasha took up residency for a short couple of months at Shelley’s Laserdome in Stoke-on-Trent — a city due south of Manchester. The club scene was directed by different norms at this time: DJs were defined by their record collections and a club’s clientele was dictated by who could line up earliest to get in before doors opened. This particular set from Shelley’s, one of many during Sasha’s residency, is dominated by big room piano house, wailing a cappellas, and non-stop feel goodery. The quality isn’t necessarily what we’re used to, but it’s worth a listen if only to understand what ravers were listening to twenty years ago.

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