Introducing Dancing Astronaut’s Miami Music Week hubCapture E1363137926581

Introducing Dancing Astronaut’s Miami Music Week hub

It’s finally here! With this year’s Miami Music Week hub, we wanted to provide an easy to navigate focal point centered around dance music’s biggest season. Dancing Astronaut‘s 2013 MMW hub is an event database, personal itinerary utility, and content center all wrapped into one convenient resource. The hub will house all of our Miami Music Week and Ultra Coverage (and there will be a ton), as well as giveaways, galleries and more.

Between dance music’s growth and Ultra picking up a second weekend, there are more parties in Miami this year than ever. You needed a way to plan and it’s better late than never to get rolling. Check out each day (and night)’s events, see what tickles your fancy, and start adding events to your own itinerary! All you need to do is register for an account through email or social media then you can view your personal calendar and easily share it with fellow travelers.

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