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Junior Sanchez launches Brobot via Steve Angello’s Size Records

Dance music revolutionary Junior Sanchez steps back into the limelight with his new imprint, Brobot. The project comes via Steve Angello‘s Size Records, and together the two producers hope to continue extending their brand of electronic music. Not offended by the categorization of the “EDM” acronym, Sanchez believes dance music needs a return to basics,  re-aligning itself with art and experimentation once again.

“Brobot Records is a purely art driven project, where if I love it, I’ll release it. I want to empower and showcase fresh new talent and release new and more experimental music from my peers, while also providing a home to release my own material.”

Influenced by Steve Angello himself, Sanchez revealed in his mini-documentary Junior Sanchez – The Past, The Present & The Future that Angello told him that his Size Records imprint was inspired by Cube, Sanchez’s former record label — making the partnership an easy decision. To celebrate the momentous occasion  Junior is giving away “Acid Fire” as a free Facebook download, marking the first Brobot release via Size Records.

Junior Sanchez – Acid Fire

Via: Billboard

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