Knife Party turns Mansion into Miami’s hottest haunted houseKnife Party Mansion 2

Knife Party turns Mansion into Miami’s hottest haunted house

Knife Party took over Miami Wednesday night, elevating the Haunted House tour to Mansion proportions. Tommy Trash, Kill The Noise, Candyland, Jordy Dazz and Walden joined in on the action, taking turns presiding over the gruesome yet glamorous melee.

Though Knife Party first kicked off the tour last year and opted to use the same visual combination of chainsaw, fake blood and half-naked ghoulish dancers, the Mansion set was anything but predictable.The duo took the decks around 3 a.m, immediately setting the crowd ablaze with the still unreleased “Power Glove.” That would be the first and last new track that was recognizable, and for the next twenty five minutes the duo unleashed material we can only assume to be off their forthcoming EP.

Though the jammed crowd heaved and shook regardless, the ID-streak relied more on steady beats than massive bass, creating a more cohesive sound than previous Knife Party sets. Elements of grind house, piano and even hip-hop made their way in, being played out with the same intensity as the biggest drops in the duo’s arsenal. Gareth drove this point home when he grabbed the mic and yelled, “I wanna see you smash something!” Luckily, no injuries were reported.

Tommy Trash’s remix of “Antidote” was the turning point in the set as the tracks went from unknown to unforgettable. As dancers crawled over red netting adorned with severed body parts, the stabbing strings turned into a cellphone tone and the crowd knew what was coming.

“You blocked me on Facebook,” the vocals sang out as Gareth clambered atop his booth to spray the crowd with champagne. “And now you’re going to get fucked up.”


If the extended version of “Internet Friends” wasn’t enough to frenzy the Knife Party logo-masked crowd, a trappy “Fire Hive” intro did the trick, and the set went careening from “Centipede” to Steve Aoki and Laidback Luke’s “Turbulence” to the beloved remix of “Unison.”

At this point the dancers had made their way to a suspended cube and were balancing and writhing above a crowd that was doing their best to throw down in semi-formal apparel.

With the minutes flying by, The M Machine’s “Moon Song” made a glorious segue into “Destroy Them With Lazers” before something even more unexpected than seeing a Die Antwoord music video used as a visual: Knife Party played “Don’t You Worry Child.” Well, a snippet of “Don’t You Worry Child,” used as a gliss to get into Afrojack’s “Rock The House.”


If the choice in samples irked the more staunch Knife Party fans, the pair redeemed themselves with another ID and a drum n’ bass intro to “Sleaze.”

As 4 a.m. rolled in and Gareth and Rob rolled out, they left in their wake the feeling that this may have been their best set yet. With enough IDs to leave us begging for a release date and enough samples to satisfy any Miami Music Week attendee, the pair successfully brought the gruesome and ghoulish to glamorous South Beach.

Photo Credit: World Red Eye

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