Laidback Luke brings Super You & Me to LIV Miami: 5 artists, 5 drops you need to knowLaidbackluke At Liv 25

Laidback Luke brings Super You & Me to LIV Miami: 5 artists, 5 drops you need to know

One of electronic fans’ most desired parties, one of the nation’s hottest nightclubs, two of the hottest brands synonymous with dance music. Laidback Luke took his Super You & Me movement to LIV Miami last Wednesday with a young and talented roster that delivered refreshing sounds into the morning hours. The production packed club added inflatable superheros to its repertoire of blinding lazer myriads, powerful confetti blasters, and unique ornaments that dangle from the ceiling regularly.

The sights were enough to behold for your week’s stay in Miami, but the night’s music would keep ears ringing even on your flight home. Human senses aside, it was the opening DJs that made Super You & Me one of the most talked about events of Miami Music Week, as each artist offered invigorating variations of sound. Dancing Astronaut has the run down of the South Beach bash, the most notable drops of the night, and why each DJ fit into Luke’s squad of supporting superheros.



New York, California, Texas. Spain, Israel, Australia. Hell, even Guam. Most of Miami had been flooded with electro-loving tourists from all over the world and with DJs hailing from the Netherlands, Sweden, or anywhere else overseas. Henrix, however, was merely holding down his own fort during Miami Music Week. The Miami native entered LIV while his anthem with GTA and Digital Lab, “Hit It,” played at almost every party in the area. Henrix came loaded with gems and ousted his own material along with percussive drops to represent the Miami sound.

Why Henrix?: This rising neophyte may have dropped his breakthrough with Steve Angello’s Size imprint, but he’s got a massive EP on the horizon being released by none other than Laidback Luke for his MixMash label.

Notable drop: Henrix ft. Roland Clark – Rock This Dream (Original Mix)


RL Grime

With the growing demand of trap, it wouldn’t be a Super You & Me party without one of the genre’s most recognizable names. Clockwork has risen to fame through his RL Grime moniker after remixes of “Mercy” and “Satisfaction” became staple drops in trap, electro, and even dubstep sets. His party-starting antics made for a fitting outing early in the night as he got feet moving, blood flowing, and provided balance for the vibes that would follow at LIV.

Why RL Grime?: Henry Steinway has two Supermans to his Clark Kent and his sounds under both stage names fit right in with Luke’s projected style — originally wacky adaptations of electro-house.

Notable drop: Baauer – Dum Dum (Original Mix)



When talking the hottest producers in the scene at the moment, it’s impossible to ignore Showtek. The duo has landed on Dancing Astronaut’s list of Ultra’s top 10 tracks not once, but twice. Their sound has come to form on recent collaborations and solo productions and the results have been so well received that their heavy-hitting, nearly deafening sound is now in high demand across the live arena — and LIV was treated to just that last Wednesday.

Why Showtek?: With too many club rockers for Luke to adapt into his own Super You & Me set, why not call on the duo responsible to do the trick? Two superheros are always better than one.

Notable drop: Showtek – Slow Down (Original Mix)


Martin Solveig

French veteran Martin Solveig comes equipped with a heavy arsenal to each and every live performance. His original contagious tunes, dupstep and trap remixes, and even hip hop records come together to form sets like roller coasters, and he was quick to take his South Beach crowd for the ride. Last year, ironically on the same date, Benny Benassi joined Martin to hold down the decks while he dove into the dance floor. Without the crowd surfing, Martin delivered strictly through his CDJs this year.

Why Martin Solveig?: Not just any ordinary DJ can prepare a crowd for the frenetic sets of Laidback Luke, but Martin Solveig is the perfect pick for a Robin to his Batman.

Notable drop: Martin Solveig – The Night Out (Madeon Remix)


Laidback Luke

Super You & Me. You is the crowd, Me is Laidback Luke. Conducting one of the most popular party movements across the scene, manning MixMash records, its deep pool of rising talent, and making an annual stop at LIV for Miami Music Week, Laidback Luke is one busy DJ. Nothing a veteran of his status can’t handle, but busy nonetheless. Between Ultra Music Festival sets, his own showcase pool party, and appearances around the city, Luke delivered his A-game to close LIV on Wednesday night.

Why Laidback Luke?: Why? Label head, party founder and conducter, and Professor X to his group of super-powered opening DJs. Why not?

Notable drop: Laidback Luke ft. Majestic – Pogo (live with Majestic)

Photo Credit: Jennifer Catherine

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