New York Times to Tiësto: ‘Do you guys deserve to be paid like this?’

Mainstream media takes yet another stab at trying to understand the electronic world. The New York Times is featuring a new video labeled “The New Pop Stars,” with an enclosed caption that reads “Tiësto and other superstar D.J.’s earn millions of dollars a year for what some critics say is essentially playing prerecorded music live.” The video showcases spastic clips of Tiësto’s recent tour, while divulging into Madison Avenue’s love affair with using DJs as brand ambassadors and if the pay is actual worth the perceived effort.

Both interviewer and interviewee look slightly perplexed when discussing the subject. The New York Times asks “How much are you actually doing when you’re up there?” Tiësto explains:

“Yeah’s basically just the .. its more about the music making program for showing your vision in what should be played. People give you a hard time for pushing a couple buttons but what’s the difference if you push a couple buttons when you play four-strings on a guitar for 10 years. If I were Keith Richards, I would for all my life be playing that same guitar. He still has the creative mind but that happens in the studio. Not on stage.”

He later describes how he would play the music for “free and fun” since he has such a love for it.

via: New York Times

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