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Spinnin’ Sessions Nikki Beach: Five artists, five questions

On Wednesday afternoon, revelers flocked to Nikki Beach to experience the sights and sounds of the Spinnin’ Records Spinnin’ Sessions showcase. Headlined by Sander Van Doorn and mystery guests Moguai, Nervo and Sunnery James & Ryan Mariano, 18 acts took to the decks over a nine hour music marathon that saw everything from trap to pop, rounded out by a heavy dose of electro house.

The day saw Carnage drop “Incredible,” Michael Calfan unleash “Resurrection,” Cedric Gervais rediscover “Molly” and Showtek throw down on “Slow Down.” Not even a spell of pouring rain could put a damper on the festivities. As the day wore on and the tent filled with bikini-clad beat-seekers, we took a break between sets to catch up with some of the Spinnin’ team to give you their own version of a Spinnin’ showcase. Click past the break to check out our five questions for five Spinnin’ artists.

What is your favorite thing about Miami?

La Fuente: “My favorite thing about Miami is it’s like Walt Disney but better, like Walt Disney for grown people. The vibe is right, the scene is beautiful, all people are here to party, so you just hit play, and then, fireworks.”

DubVision: “Well this week in Miami, everybody is here at the same time, you can just meet every part of the industry at once. Normally everyone is traveling and this is so nice, it’s just like Christmas with all your collegues. The American crowds have all been really enthusiastic as well.”

Mightyfools: “The sun, because it’s snowing in Holland. In fact, all week my Facebook friends have been blocking or unfollowing me! But also the music and the pool parties.”

Martin Garrix: “I love the people over here and the vibe going on. It’s just a unique vibe, people are nice to each other and everyone is just happy. It’s a really positive vibe.”

TV Noise: “The sun and the beach. It’s our first time in Miami, we’re noobs.”

Where did you fly from to get here?

La Fuente: “Amsterdam.”

DubVision: “Amsterdam.”

Mightyfools: “San Fransisco, we did a small club tour after SXSW.”

Martin Garrix: “Amsterdam.”

TV Noise: “Holland.”


We know you spend a lot of time flying, so what is your favorite thing to do in-flight?

La Fuente: “I have two things: Trying to get comfortable while sleeping – that takes me two hours of shifting and repositioning, and every time I realize it’s not possible to sleep in a plane. After that, it’s to go to the cockpit. I wanted to be a pilot when I was younger, so I love going into the cockpit and talking to the pilot and the captains and sometimes helping out. On the way here I flew four hours in the cockpit and on the way back I will spend nearly the whole time.”

DubVision: “Making music, watching movies, but also sleeping – sometimes you arrive and 6 or 7 and have to play, so we like to sleep, but most of time it’s not possible. If it’s a last minute flight  though [arriving right before the show], we drink.”

Mightyfools: “Sleep. It’s crazy how much Andy sleeps, but I always watch movies, There’s too much noise to make music.”

Martin Garrix: “I would love to go to sleep but I have really hard time sleeping, otherwise I’ll just watch movies or make music.”

TV Noise: “Watching series like The Office, but it’s getting boring. For [Jasper] though it’s sleeping.”


What is one thing you want to accomplish before next Miami Music Week?

La Fuente: “When you look at the Netherlands we have different levels of DJs, C, B, and A. In the Netherlands I’m big, I do 350 shows a year, but only 100 outside the Netherlands. I want to do more outside. In Holland I’m A, I want to be A internationally.”

DubVision: “Keep releasing good tracks. We’d love to make a number 1 Beatport hit, but also to play a lot of gigs – We played at Liv on Saturday with Sander and that was our American debut and  we’re going to tour with Sander Van Doorn next month. But we’d also like to make a record that is appreciated and gets respect from guys like Steve Angello, Axwell, and just keep fans happy. Just last year Axwell played “All By Myself” at Amnesia and that started everything, and since then we get so much recognition and remix requests. Within a year it’s just been going so fast.”

Mightyfools: “Playing at Ultra! We have to play Ultra. We were here during Ultra but we’re not going there until we play there. Our hotel was even across the street, we were so close but not this year.”

Martin Garrix: “Beatport Top 10 for sure. I had two track that were 11 and 14 this year so definitely Top 10.”

TV Noise: “Getting our songs to the Beatport tops and getting known. We’re really trying to develop our sound. We want people to hear our tracks and say, ‘that’s TV Noise.’”


Who is your favorite fellow Spinnin’ artist?

La Fuente: “Well, my favorite artist is [Duncan] Campbell from UB 40, but Sander on the Spinnin’ team. I admire Laidback Luke as well.”

DubVision: “Sander Van Doorn – he’s very friendly and makes the same style as we do. We made a track with him, which comes out April 29th.”

Mightyfools: “It’s multiple. We really like all the guys, we really like everyone on the team.”

Martin Garrix: “I really like Sander Van Doorn – he’s helped me along so definitely Sander.”

TV Noise: “Martin Solveig. We are really fond of him.”

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