Steve Aoki announces ‘Neon Future’ as new album title, Hakkasan residency theme

Coming on the heels of his official Hakkasan residency announcement, Steve Aoki has revealed that Neon Future will not just be the residency’s theme, but the title of his forthcoming album.

In an interview with Billboard, Aoki describes the feel of the pending album as “bright and positive. The songs are more colorful. They’re more emotional. The music, for me, has evolved and changed. That’s a big part of why I want to name it ‘Neon Future.’ That’s why I want my party in Las Vegas. I wanted to really put a flag in the ground [that says] ‘This is the sound that you’ll experience at a party like this. When you walk in, the idea is you walk into a neon future. You walk into that world.’”

After creating a champagne-, cake-, and inflatable boat-filled experience that matched the whimsy of debut album Wonderland, predicting what a neon future holds for Aoki is an exercise that stretches the imagination. Though there is no official release date for the mysteriously technicolor album yet, Aoki’s party, er, residency, begins in April.

Via: Billboard

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