The Doors – The End (Riva Starr Rub-A-Dub cut) [Free Download]Thedoors E1363716903813

The Doors – The End (Riva Starr Rub-A-Dub cut) [Free Download]

It’s hard for older generations to understand the “button pushing” ways of today’s music landscape, which is why it’s great to see producers resurfacing classic hits, allowing for a crossover effect to take place. Italian house producer Riva Starr takes on The Doors’ 1967 hit “The End” and adds an energetic beat and groovy undertone. The original song was written by Jim Morrison about breaking up with his girlfriend, but evolved into an 11-minute odyssey during live shows, eventually landing in Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Hopefully you and your old man can bond over this majestic piece of music.

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