Jeremy Olander unveils the life of a Prydz protégé in recent interviewJeremy Olander

Jeremy Olander unveils the life of a Prydz protégé in recent interview

The Pryda empire is paving a new standard across the electronic music scene at a bustling pace. The camp has revamped progressive house in a way that is respected by both underground and mainstream revelers, a rare feat in today’s finicky landscape. At the forefront is newcomer Jeremy Olander, the Swedish favorite who released his latest single, “Let Me Feel,” this past week to phenomenal reviews and sat down with our friends at Beatport News to discuss his journey.

Jeremy admits the American ear is changing when asked about his approach to DJing in clubs and the recent boom of the underground, “…familiarity is catching up. They are starting to go deeper and explore. I started out listening to commercial stuff, so I can’t really blame them. You go deeper and deeper and learn to appreciate the more underground stuff. They are sick of hearing the same thing and that is good for everyone.”

His initial steps towards the industry were sparked by Propellerheads Reason and Joachim Garraud, while his sound developed from hanging out in the same forum communities as Laidback Luke, AN21 and Avicii allowing him to get closer and closer to what he wished to achieve.

Jeremy Olander unveils the life of a Prydz protégé in recent interviewJeremy Olander1

As his genre is somewhat difficult to define, he admits he “can’t be bothered” with being slated as a progressive artist and explains “the genres seem to just confuse people along the lines.” He would rather “float around all genres and build into a bigger picture” than try to brand himself with a single sound.

Olander was discovered by Eric Prydz through mutual friends who had simply put in a good word, as he goes on to explain; “My friend was sending my stuff to him and one day he seemed to start enjoying it. We have been friends ever since and I have learned so much from him.” He spews exciting news that Eric himself will be remixing “Let Me Feel,” and talks about plans on starting his own label to establish himself further as an artist.

He ends with a strikingly humble way of illustrating how he views his profession; “I just hope people can look back on this time with a smile of their face and remember having the time of their lives at this period in time. No one needs to idolize me; just associate it with a positive moment in the industry”

Via: Beatport News

Jeremy makes his NYC debut at Electric Beach at Santos Party House on March 23rd. Buy tickets here.


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