Who are you going to close out Ultra Music Festival with?Ultra History

Who are you going to close out Ultra Music Festival with?

So your bags are packed, you’re about to board your flight to sunny Miami. Nervous excitement for what’s ahead hangs in the air, you tap your feet anxiously while you wait for the flight attendant to announce your row for boarding. As your well-planned pre-Miami playlist bumps in your favorite pair of headphones, you think to yourself, “Why do they let old people and children board first, this is seriously killing my Miami time.”

The reality hasn’t quite set in yet, but in just a short plane ride you’ll be touching down in Miami, fully prepared to spend the weekend under the assault of 200+ artists on Ultra Music Festival’s stages – but just one nagging question remains – what closers do you see every night?

The worst part about big festivals are the big decisions. Do you snub your favorite artist for a new experience? What if you miss a legendary set because you made the wrong choice? Do you play it safe and stick with the main stage or take a risk and head over to smaller stage for a more intimate experience? These types of decisions could make any festival goer lose their mind. We’ve given you our recommendations for early sets, acts you can’t miss, and rookies and veterans who are poised to leave lasting impressions – but rather than bore you with our choices for closing sets, we’re interested to know – who are you closing out Ultra Music Festival with?

Hop below the break to get engaged – let the debating begin.

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