Win VIP experience with Tritonal, check out their new ‘Metamorphic I’ EPTritonal Metamorphic 1

Win VIP experience with Tritonal, check out their new ‘Metamorphic I’ EP

Texan trance twosome Tritonal have emerged from the land of Tritonia to deliver a new three-track EP entitled, Metamorphic I. On this adventure into the minds of David Reed and Chad Cisneros, we discover an intriguing side of the usual Tritonal sound. The first of several EPs to be released over the course of 2013, Metamorphic I comes with three tantalizing tracks showcasing Dave and Chad’s versatility as producers. “Our musical philosophy has always been about challenging ourselves and resisting expectations,” says Dave. “With the new EP, we wanted to display our growth as artists and take listeners on a new journey with us.” More an experience than simply an EP containing three tracks, Metamorphic I shows that Tritonal will continue to push the boundaries of trance and never remain a slave to their own sound.

As a special treat to DA readers Tritonal is not only releasing this EP, but also giving you the chance to win a once in a lifetime VIP experience with the trance duo.

Prizes will be:
1. Grand Prize of a VIP experience/hangout with Tritonal at any upcoming show.
2. Includes a pair of VIP tickets, Tritonal will treat you and a guest to dinner before the show where you will get to watch them from side stage, and we’ll cover a hotel room near the venue
3. Runner up receives two tickets to any Tritonal headlining show in 2013

The first track on Metamorphic I is “Bring Me Home.” The haunting piano and scattering synths, accompanied by deep, moving strings and the gorgeous vocals of Meredith Call, create an atmosphere of pure bliss and discovery. While Tritonal keeps the tempo of the track moving at their usual rate, every listen reveals more to the beautifully orchestrated “Bring Me Home” than at first glance. Closing your eyes, you can feel the emotion Tritonal and Meredith Call pour into each verse.

The next track is “Bullet That Saved Me,” the next lead single for Tritonal, and the one that sounds most like a typical Tritonal tune. Chad notes that “if you explore the song titles and lyrics, you’ll uncover that we’ve opened very personal experiences in order to draw inspiration.” That being said, there might be more to the lyrics than it appears. The revelatory vocal section featuring Underdown gives way to piercing bass-filled synths. The track builds to an unexpected bellowing, bouncing, grinding drop which would sound phenomenal through festival speakers. The second vocal section surprises with an electro-step breakdown, then leads to the booming drop as before.

Venturing further down the rabbit hole, we find the final track of the EP, entitled “Deep Into Black.” Chilling, soaring vocals (once again, by Underdown) reminiscent of many M83 tracks, combined with impeccably crafted synth sections, ebb, flow, weave, and rise to a harmoniously tempestuous breakdown with hammering drums and crashes like waves upon darkened cliffs. Of the three tracks on the EP, this one demands multiple plays and massive headphones for the full experience.

If Metamorphic I is any indication of the future of Tritional, Tritonians and all listeners alike should definitely stay tuned for what lies ahead, and keep the volume turned up north.

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