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Wolfgang Gartner – Anaconda (Original Mix)

Amidst the nearly incessant muttering of dance music fans who’ve become jaded by the industry’s so-called drought of creativity, there stands one man eager to quench the thirsts of those dejected. That man is Wolfgang Gartner, whose inaugural release of 2013 “Anaconda,” sees the prolific producer stepping outside of his electro house box for a twisted and impossibly funky offering – one that is reminiscent of his tracks of old. Unpredictable as always, Wolfgang pieces together a patchwork quilt of progressions and percussive flairs set to a backdrop of blaring sirens and a bouncy top line. Despite its slight departure, “Anaconda” is a Wolfgang Gartner production through and through, proving that it’s possible to maintain one’s sound while still changing styles.

Wolfgang Gartner – Anaconda (Original Mix)

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