Alex Metric releases the third part of his ‘Ammunition’ series on OWSLAAle Metric Ammunition Pt3

Alex Metric releases the third part of his ‘Ammunition’ series on OWSLA

Alex Metric returns to the release circuit with the latest iteration of his Ammunition EP series. Unlike Part 2, which was evenly split between original productions and remixes, Part 3 is 100% Metric. Our praise for Alex Metric‘s presence in the studio is well-deserved – with every new release his sound continues to develop while still maintaining an easily identifiable style, one that challenges the traditional confines of genres. Dabbling in electro and techno with disco flairs and dub-fueled breaks, Alex has once again delivered an undefinable 4-track offering driven by electro quirks and sonic wanderlust.

Opening with a collaboration with Mark Yardley (of the Stanton Warriors) titled “Ilium,” Ammunition Pt 3 jumps out of the gates with reckless abandon, delivering an unrelenting barrage of punchy electro house and frenetic effects. Seemingly bipolar, “Ilium” establishes itself first as a furious electro assault before Alex pulls back on the reigns, calming the mix down with an airy synth interlude.

The EP’s second track “Scandalism,” establishes itself early with a chillwave soundscape and disco house elements. In sharp contrast to the EP’s opening, “Scandalism” evokes visions of the Parisian Kavinsky and his unique brand of electronica.The most melodic offering on the EP, Metric frames the mix with sweeping arpeggios echoing and chirping in and out of the hollow production – the depths of which sound practically infinite.

Once again re-engaging his electro-overdrive, Alex creates a twisted and hulking mass of big room melodies, frantic vocal stutters and grit-ridden grooves on “Want Ya,” taking a page from the “Rave Weapon” playbook instilling 80’s house vocals with a modern day electro disco groove.

Rounding out the EP is  “RW 2” – or “Rave Weapon 2” – representing the furthest departure from Alex’s signature sound on the extended play.  Driven by filter cut chord play and guttural wobbles, “RW 2” vibrates spastically amongst furious percussive breaks and tumultuous vocals. Ammunition Pt. 3 marks another achievement in the prolific producer’s career, once again establishing both his talent for infectious productions but also his unrelenting creativity in a scene usually defined as anything but.

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