Caspa’s latest album ‘Alpha Omega’ set to keep dubstep afloat

Where his national peers have looked to jump ship on the long serving sound of dubstep, London-based artist, label head, and tastemaker, Caspa, has had other ideas. Armed with a new full-length album offering a new take on the genre’s shelf life, 2013 sees Alpha Omega make a brash and bold statement to modern club land. The sound of dubstep is not on its last legs just yet. Pitched in a spree of high octane songs favoring the familiar key of low-end fidelity, the album’s many focal points make the follow-up to his 2009 debut Everybody’s Talking, Nobody’s Listening! all the more intriguing.

There are outright moments of hip-hop fundamentality, with cameos from Dope DOD and Mighty High Coup making for a respectable amalgamation on all counts. Soaking up some gritty rock sensibilities along the way, there were few more apt than British rave pioneer Keith Flint (of The Prodigy fame), whose nerving topline for “War” matches the unquestionable attitude of the tracks guitar-driven debauchery. With further nods to the early rave culture and dubstep’s safer and commercially viable regions coming courtesy of collaborations alongside Ayah Marar and electronic songstress Diane Charlemagne, the British bass smith holds the corner for the purer sects of his craft on a regular basis.

The wobbly, unforgiving stamina of heyday dubstep is still on point, and Caspa’s album flourishes as a consistent reminder that for all the digressions, the original sound can still be celebrated with unquestionable stamina. Alpha Omega may not be a die-by-the-sword celebration of straight-laced dubstep, but its brave attempts to push the sound forward in times of unquestionable saturation makes Caspa’s second full-length offering a true testament to the bold and increasingly relevant footsteps of this low-end British foot solider.

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