Chilly Gonzales breaks down science of ‘Random Access Memories,’ says Daft Punk ‘absorbed what classical composers were obsessed with’

In the sixth installment of Daft Punk‘s Collaborators video series, jack-of-all-trades musician Chilly Gonzales opens up about his contribution to Random Access Memories. Working with the robots, Chilly explains his functionality for his collaboration was to construct harmonies — something often overlooked that required precise scientific and mathematical thought. Sitting by his Piano, he explains the album’s harmonic landscape he was asked to create and musically dissects Daft Punk and their new album.

Gonzales notices that Daft Punk have “absorbed a lot of what classical composers were obsessed with, which is that musical key dictates so much of what someone feels.” He continues to explain his role as a “cameo actor,” and that he was playing blindly while directed by the great lead actors that are Daft Punk.

“They’re a very warm, familiar group despite their mysterious image. Every musician feels an emotional connection to them and we always have the feelings that they’re ahead of us. They don’t really need any help, so when they ask for help it’s because they’re on such a high level and so advanced and have such good awareness, that they can ask for help for certain details that will make the work be transcendent.”

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