Daft Punk Collaborators Part 3: Nile Rodgers, ‘Groove is everything’

For the third installment of the Daft Punk Collaborators’ Project, Nile Rodgers talks about his involvement with Daft Punk’s latest album. Organic from the start, the collaboration fell together on a whim when both Nile and Thomas and Guy were in New York City. The three hopped into the studio and a short time later they had developed a synergy that Nile compares to the type of relationships he had with Madonna and Herbie Hancock.  He also reminisces on his first encounter with the music he would base a career on — Donna Summer’s “Love to Love You Baby,” a track that set in motion an award-winning career.  His approach to disco incorporated his jazz fusion background gained from his time spent at the Apollo Theatre. This experience developed into a style that featured tight grooves and one-time jazz licks like Chic’s breakout hit “Le Freak.”  Incorporating the same jazz story telling that made him famous, Nile gives us an inside look at “Get Lucky” – played by the man himself.

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