Daft Punk Collaborators Part 4: Pharrell Williams, ‘It’s like the mid-70s and early-80s of a different universe and dimension’

After effectively ambushing social media with Coachella and SNL previews of “Get Lucky” — the lead single from Random Access Memories — Daft Punk has released the fourth offering from The Collaborators project, this time featuring Pharrell. Watching the video feels somewhat like a dream with its flashes of Paris, beaches, sunrises, and distant memories. The R&B star elaborates on how he met the robots at a Madonna party, what it was like working with Nile Rodgers, and a mysterious energy-enhancing tablet the robots gave Pharrell to cure him of his jet lag and erase his memory — MIB style.

Once again boosting the importance of this album for dance music Pharrell describes it as, “beyond 3D, it’s like 4D – it’s in your mind.”

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