Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky,’ lead single from ‘Random Access Memories’ played by Canadian radio station

Since premiering a clip for the lead single from Random Access Memories, Daft Punk‘s hype machine has almost gone supernova. With the album’s May 21st release date rapidly approaching, it seems that SONiC 102.9 — a rock music station from Edmonton — has shared the entire track. We’ve heard some impressive bootlegs in the past, productions that hacked up all of the previews to create what appeared to be full length tracks, but this leak has new lyrics not heard before in any of the Daft Punk teasers.

The radio station in question SONiC 102.9, claims that this isn’t the official mix but that it “sounds pretty damn close.” We’ll keep digging until be know for sure but whether this is an official leak and not an artfully crafted bootleg, it only makes our excitement for May 21st that much greater.

[Audio removed by request of RIAA]

Update: A Dutch radio station played the same “Get Lucky” iteration. Listen here. [H/T Soundisstyle]

Update #2: Amazon lists “Get Lucky” with a 4:08 length (radio edit). The track is slated for a 4/19 release date.

Andrew Spada and Dylan Farella contributed to this report.