Daft Punk showcase ‘Random Access Memories’ tracklist on Vine4e6c6fb2

Daft Punk showcase ‘Random Access Memories’ tracklist on Vine

Following endless anticipation and a grueling rumor mill, the hype surrounding Daft Punk‘s new album has begun rising to fruition this week after its teaser at Coachella. The duo next spoke out in an interview with Rolling Stone to reveal details of Random Access Memories, and the tracklist simultaneously leaked. Today, Columbia Records has confirmed the names of all 13 tracks in a 6-second Vine posting. Included is the second collaboration involving Pharrell and Nile Rodgers, “Lose Yourself To Dance,” along with the lead single, “Get Lucky.” Find the full tracklist for Random Access Memories along with Columbia’s Vine below the break.

1) Give Life Back to Music
2) The Game of Love
3) Giorgio by Moroder
4) Within
5) Instant Crush
6) Lose Yourself to Dance
7) Touch
8) Get Lucky
9) Beyond
10) Motherboard
11) Fragments of Time
12) Doin’ It Right
13) Contact

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