Editors’ Selections: Week of April 22nd, 2013Editors Selections

Editors’ Selections: Week of April 22nd, 2013

Editors’ Selections is an opportunity for your favorite Dancing Astronaut contributors to talk about some of the music they’re listening to that we might not always get an opportunity to post about from week to week. Sometimes it’s out there, sometimes it’s obscure, but you’ll always get a peek into what we’re loving behind closed doors. 


Going Deeper & Biatlone – Maybe (Patrick Podage Remix)

These three production outfits have a knack for deep cuts and when you throw them all in one pot, the results are shining. There’s no doubt Patrick Podage’s remix of “Maybe” is the poppiest in the deep house package, but hey, sometimes pop is popular for good reason.


Moore & Lezz – Astronauts Part 1 and Part 2 (Original Mix)

I may be a bit partial to Moore & Lezz’s latest release on Brooklyn Fire records simply because of its name, but coincidental titles aside, “Astronauts” is blistering techno at its finest. This is the type of electronica that first grabbed me and refused to let go, it was raw, visceral, and grungy – an escape from the confines of my suburban Jersey lifestyle. It’s this kind of dirty warehouse music that brings back a nostalgia for a simpler time, when electronic music was defined by sticky floors and sweaty grind sessions with strangers.


Tale of Us – Discochord

Tale Of Us have translated their deeply moving electronic music guise to the minimal techno world of Richie Hawtin’s Minus imprint. “Discochord” comes off the three-track Another Earth EP and features abiding percussions and captivating synth work. The track will bestow a stirring fervor upon any dance floor that it lays ground.


Grizzly Bear – Sleeping Ute (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

There is something about Nicolas Jaar’s eccentric style that cannot be matched. Each song he touches turns into an unconventional piece of art, a rare finding in today’s electronic climate. This remix was completed for his Record Store Day collaborative 12 inch, which by no surprise almost instantly sold out. “Sleeping Ute” oozes with a South American charm while entraping you in its haunting melodies and minimal drum patterns.

Paper Diamond – Like A Summer Breeze

Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for piano or maybe because my attention span has shortened as the days have gotten longer, but Paper Diamond’s “Like A Summer Breeze” off his new album Paragon is exactly what I want to hear right now. The tune sticks to his Colorado hip hop spirit with an easy kick beat but packs so much sound into a minute and a half you’ll want to hear it again. And again. And if you’re me, one more time for good measure. The track and the whole album are available for free download, so go get yours and get your beat on.

Mitis Feat. Collin McLoughlin – Born (Vocal Mix)
Mitis may be one of the most underrated dubstep producers around. While his recent releases aren’t likely to send you senselessly sprawling about or praising the unlimited filth they embody, they contain a trance-like elegance in the same blissful vein as Seven Lions’ productions. Mitis’s “Born” has actually been around for sometime, however the Philadelphia producer just released the vocal mix with Collin McLoughlin, and it’s fantastic.

Takt Tick – Falling Dots (Original Mix)

Berlin-based melodic techno producer Christian Steinmüller has struck sonic gold on “Falling Dots,” the most memorable original outing of his Takt Tick project to date. On his latest release, Steinmüller conjures up a captivating seven-minute odyssey through droning synth tones, uplifting plucks and mesmerizing atmospheric effects on a track that words simply cannot do justice. Pay particular attention to his finesse in achieving tension and release through subtle shifts in overlapping harmonic elements.

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