Feed Me remixes Monsta’s ‘Messiah’ with delectable resultsDSC 0340

Feed Me remixes Monsta’s ‘Messiah’ with delectable results

Jon Gooch has returned, and he’s done so in excellent fashion. His latest production may be under the guise of Feed Me, but it’s brimming with conspicuous Spor influence. While Dirty South unveiled his big room remix of “Messiah” last week, Feed Me’s dubstep and breaks rendition has just been aired, and it’s phenomenal. Alvin Risk may have gotten the first stab at a dubstep remix, but Feed Me’s production is arguably stronger, making wonderful use of the vocals and layering diverse drum patterns. Dubstep at times, breakbeat at others, Feed Me’s brilliant take on the empowering single will be released May 7th on OWSLA.

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