GLOWFEST rebrands as RECESS: Integrates entrepreneurship with dance music

Last year, GLOWFEST brought their biggest fall tour to college campuses around the nation, showcasing big name acts such as Hardwell, Porter Robinson, Zedd, and Krewella. We were able to experience first-hand the energy that percolated throughout the venue at West Virginia University and witness the excitement of those located in areas less frequented on artist tour stops. Though they understood they were tapping into the right crowd and providing a commodity in high demand, co-founders Jack Shannon and Deuce Thevenow couldn’t help but feel something lacking; there was no message, no purpose. Click past the break to read more.

Thus, RECESS was born to not only bring amazing concerts to campuses, but also educational components to motivate students and turn their attention to less traditional paths. The Study Hall brings leading entrepreneurs into a panel to discuss a variety of topics including innovation, startups, personal branding, and career obstacles. Another element, aptly named the Playground, is a unique career fair  in which participating startups exhibit their cutting edge technology through interactive elements to enhance the networking experience and opportunities. Jack Shannon explains:

“I went to Indiana [University] which did a great job of funneling kids into finance, accounting, and corporate marketing jobs, but not much else. We want to use music and these RECESS events as a way to get college students excited about startups and entrepreneurship and also as a platform for startups and Fortune 500 companies to get their product in front of a very influential 18-24 demographic.”

With the recent growth in dance music across the United States, doors will be opened and opportunities will arise for this generation to take the reigns. RECESS aims to equip college students with the necessary drive and knowledge to capitalize on their passions and interests, while still delivering in entertainment value. With Stephanie Lafera as an advisor, not to mention support from entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban, the RECESS team should have the guidance and power to make a difference.

A Fall 2013 Tour is currently in the works, but catch RECESS at their two preliminary events scheduled this month at Georgetown (4/6) and Michigan State University (4/16). Study Halls will be moderated by a member from either Forbes or TechCrunch, and the Playground will feature startups such as Foursquare and RidePost.


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