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Golden Globes producers to launch EDM awards show

Dick Clark Productions, the entertainment production company behind the American Music Awards, Academy of Country Music Awards, and Golden Globes, is officially jumping on the EDM bandwagon. Since acquired last year by investment firm Guggenheim partners, DCP has seen its televised awards ceremonies hit record ratings. The production company is now looking to capitalize on the booming DJ/producer-led genre and keep the streak going. New York Post reports the DCP is currently shopping for a TV network to pick up the broadcast of their own EDM awards.

In a world of DVR and Pirate Bay, live programming, like awards shows and sporting events, have become more lucrative investments for advertisers, especially with their flourishing viewership. DCP’s CEO, Allen Shapiro claims, “[Advertisers] want to be associated with live events, with a young audience and that interests us as well.” With EDM quickly becoming the influential Generation Y’s zeitgeist, a DJ-centric awards show would be a big brand marketer’s dream. I wouldn’t get apprehensive just yet; DCP will need to get the right people involved to win the favor of a scrupulous dance music industry. That is to say, the awards ceremony would need to emphasize familiarity and awareness in favor of ignorance and mockery, or no one would show up. If DCP plays their hand right, an internationally televised EDM awards show would thrust our thriving culture further into the limelight – forcing mass media to take notice. I don’t know about you ‘EDM Bubble’ enthusiasts  but this news gives credence to an industry that shows no signs of slowing down.

via New York Post