Good Morning Mix – Daft Punk Alive at Coachella 2006Daft Punk

Good Morning Mix – Daft Punk Alive at Coachella 2006

It’s one day from the opening of Coachella, so we felt it appropriate to rewind to possibly the greatest display of dance music showmanship in the history of the festival. At the time, it was the first Daft Punk appearance in the US since 1997. Although it predated the now legendary 2007 Alive tour, Guy and Thomas utilized many of the same tricks — a sign of great things to come. If you were lucky enough to be there, relive it now. If you sit in silence at night cursing yourself you weren’t there, I feel your pain.


01 Intro (2:45)
02 Robot Rock (6:35)
03 Technologic (5:29)
04 Television Rules The Nation (4:51)
05 Steam Machine (7:16)
06 Around The World (Harder Better Faster Stronger) (7:28)
07 Too Long (4:59)
08 Face to Face (Harder RMX) (3:41)
09 Interlude (1:40)
10 One More Time (Aerodynamic RMX) (8:41)
11 The Brainwashers (Rollin’ & Scratchin’ RMX) (7:34)
12 Alive (The Prime Time of Your Life RMX) (3:17)
13 Da Funk (6:39)
14 Human After All (Superheroes RMX) (7:12)

If you are heading to Coachella, don’t miss out on checking out the various day parties – they are some of the best times of the weekend.

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