Jewelz & Scott Sparks release ‘Hot Rod’ and ‘White Sun’

Germany’s Jewelz & Scott Sparks return to the release front with a two-track EP containing their newest singles “Hot Rod” and “White Sun.” While the duo have manifested a reputation for devastating, minimally-driven drops, their last release, “NYMSN,” was a progressive house output with a much friendlier disposition. Catering to their strengths, however, Jewelz & Scott Sparks once again evoke the biting minimal flair that previously put them in the spotlight. Though certainly less vicious than the force of “Toxic Rush,” both “Hot Rod” and “White Sun” channel a familiar, simplified charisma. While the former boasts a distinctive highway-outlaw riff, the latter takes a more melodic and layered approach. Check out both tracks past the break, released today on Flaming Records.

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