Justin Jay’s ‘Static’ EP leads the way for new crop of Dirtybird talentJustin Jay Static Ep

Justin Jay’s ‘Static’ EP leads the way for new crop of Dirtybird talent

For Dirtybird’s 91st release, the San Francisco label presents what just may be a breakthrough record for young Los Angeles-based producer Justin Jay. The 20 year old has appeared on the label three times before, including the most recent Dirtybird Players compilation, but nothing has left quite the same lasting impression as Static EP.

On the title track, the most dominating element is his bass line and it will blow out your subs even more Justin Martin or Claude VonStroke could. “Static” only clocks in at 118 BPM, but it certainly packs a booty bass punch. As any good B side would have it, “Waves” is quite the opposite of its A side. It cranks through atmospheric mids and a quirky little top line melody that’ll resonate in and out of your head for days to come.

Dirtybird has been flexing its A&R muscles since day one, but this new EP from Justin Jay, along with other rising talent like Mark Starr, Cause & Affect, and French Fries, really shows the staying power of the Dirtybird brand in dance music today.

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