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Kill Frenzy – Make That Booty Clap feat. DJ Funk (Remixes) [Preview]

Still basking in the chart-topping glow of latest release “Jack,” the fine folks at Dirtybird have built another bomb in the re-release of Kill Frenzy‘s wildly popular “Make That Booty Clap,” complete with four accompanying remixes. The Belgian producer’s genre-defying hit became one of the biggest tracks of 2012 and was supported by no shortage of producers, even making a marquee appearance in Skrillex’s Tomorrowland and Electric Zoo sets.

Each of the four remixes succeeds in exploring new sonic territory while retaining the infectious rhythmic feel of the original. Dirtybird mainstay siblings Justin and Christian Martin take the track into slower and funkier territory with a trademark Dirtybird bass line and plenty of grin-inducing glitches thrown on the vocal lead. Zombie Disco Squad guide the listener through an extended build into a rollicking tech-inspired drop, while London dubstep producer Plastician adds a grimy underground feel to his remix by manipulating the lead above a crushing subterranean bass pulse. Mark Starr‘s take is a personal favorite. The Florida native expertly lent his remix just enough percussive flourishes, wielding hi-hats, whistles and rumbling toms, to complement its natural groove without treading into overkill territory. Keep an eye on Beatport June 5th when the entire package will be made available.

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