Knife Party – EDM Death Machine (Original Mix) [Preview]Ultra Weekend 1 Knife Party

Knife Party – EDM Death Machine (Original Mix) [Preview]

Knife Party haven’t given us much with their latest preview, but it’s certainly enough to inspire a rampant excitement for their new Haunted House EP. While “Power Glove” has been floating around the blogosphere for two months and is already being hailed as the follow up to “Internet Friends,” “EDM Death Machine” is our newest glimpse into Knife Party’s impending, hotly-anticipated third EP. With a build up consisting of churning factory noises, “EDM Death Machine” sets a dark precedent that is instantly solidified with an ominous vocal sample and hefty electro drop. Though the preview ends abruptly, the track is already sounding like one of their hardest productions to date.

“EDM Death Machine” will be the fourth single off of the Haunted House EP, with “Power Glove,” “LRAD,” and “Baghdad” preceding it. With Knife Party finally ready to unveil their latest misanthropic creations to the world, you can expect more previews to follow soon.

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