Kölsch releases ‘Goldfisch’ and ‘Zig’ on Speicher 75 EPKolsch Speicher 75

Kölsch releases ‘Goldfisch’ and ‘Zig’ on Speicher 75 EP

A side project of Rune RK, Kölsch debuted with the strangely infectious “Opa,” the enigmatic side project was recently responsible for the dramatic transformation of deadmau5 and Imogen Heap’s “Telemiscommunications.” Returning to original production duties, Rune RK’s alter ego pieces together this simple yet satisfying 2-track EP for Kompakt’s Speicher series, serving up a tandem of bustling electronica for its 75th iteration. On “Goldfisch” things stay serenely mellow with a bevvy of subtle synthwork and creaking samples that work together to create an enchanting and timeless easy listener. The seond track, an ode to the man who got him interested in electronic music, “Zig” opts for a more energetic approach with a flurry of percussive runs and shrill chordplay, embodying a bouncier, more club friendly vibe than its predecessor.

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