‘Machine Land’: Walden builds electronic fantasy world with latest three-track EPWALDEN Machine Land EP

‘Machine Land’: Walden builds electronic fantasy world with latest three-track EP

Original Dancing Astronaut artist to watch for 2013, young Walden hasn’t backed down from the limelight since entering the new year strong. Following January’s “Intropial,” the neophyte returns with not only a new single, but a three-track EP dubbed Machine Land, boasting an expansive palate beyond his big room insignia. What seems like spooky twists on the records that helped pave his path, Walden drifts from his comfort zone, curating an electronic fantasy world for his latest extended play. Enter Machine Land below the break.

Walden – Machine Land (Original Mix)

Cutting through the title track, “Machine Land,” Walden looks to dim the light on his perceived production attitude, instantly sharpening the edge on his electro synth stabs. The catchy loops take on new life during the track’s second half when layers of cleaner chords rapidly zing with the melody.

Walden – Only Invader (Original Mix)

Following with “Only Invader,” the young Aussie gets extraterrestrial, pushing the boundaries once more with robotic grunge. Lazer-shooting, whirl-twirling synths expel with the intermission, but Walden blasts off once with a contagious rhythm to bring the track full circle.

Walden – Mono World (2013 Mix)

Rounding out the three-piece is “Mono World,” a track that draws from its predecessors, deemed the darkest bit of electro and even drifting into a dub-zone. With all but a windy build, the EP’s conclusion solidifies the bulky yet enlightening world of sounds known as Machine Land.

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