Maor Levi & Pierce Fulton – Wanna BeMaor Levi Pierce Fulton Wanabee

Maor Levi & Pierce Fulton – Wanna Be

Israel’s Maor Levi and New York’s Pierce Fulton unite for Cr2 Records to relish in the positivity now circling both their names with their fresh collaborative offering, “Wannabe.” Where Fulton has been found almost exclusively dropping eclectic solo-offerings, his first formal collaboration since 2010 shows two young trailblazers emerging at the forefront of their craft. Donning both a melodically refined original mix and a peak time orientated club mix to the equation, both versions breathe unique and uplifting vitality into the peak time skyline that is sure to fare well on the summer festival circuit. Where some have suggested that too many chefs spoils the broth, Levi and Fulton have other ideas, with this well-oiled single reigning as the burden of proof to their respective promising maneuvers.

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