Microsoft and OneBeat announce launch of OneBeat Labs, connecting brands to ‘EDM movement’ONEBEAT Logo

Microsoft and OneBeat announce launch of OneBeat Labs, connecting brands to ‘EDM movement’

OneBeat Channel is a hub for content relating to the burgeoning (and often complicated) world of dance music in the United States and this week they’ve announce their newest project, OneBeat Labs. With the help of Microsoft, OneBeat will pave the way in revealing to leading brands the tricks of the trade for the cultural phenomenon that is dance music.

At OneBeat Labs’ inaugural event, “participants will gain firsthand insight into the artists, music, fans and cultural themes unifying the global EDM community and have a chance to network with the tastemakers driving EDM’s growth.” After the first part of the program, held at Microsoft’s NewFronts, the Labs will live on as an ongoing resource for brands to get a hold on the lifestyle and inner workings of dance music.

Confused what this all means? As CEO Mikhail Lapushner puts it, “OneBeat is at the head of a revolution in the EDM space, changing the way this multi-billion dollar movement is presented and connected to fans. Trends this powerful are incredible when harnessed effectively. With OneBeat Labs, we’re creating an informative and fun experience that will demystify the space and help participants understand how to leverage EDM to help drive the relevance and preference for the brands they represent.  That could mean developing partnerships with DJs or festivals, creating licensing deals with EDM publishers or finding imaginative ways to leverage EDM music and culture to achieve greater impact with marketing campaigns.”

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