Nom De Strip – Clouds EP: Volume 2Nom De Strip Clouds Volume 2

Nom De Strip – Clouds EP: Volume 2

After splitting from Stupid Fresh in 2009, Chris Elliott assumed the new moniker Nom De Strip, developing his new persona and style into a sound that was hard to define. Rather than pigeonhole himself to one specific genre, Nom De Strip represents a more experimental and grassroots approach to electronic music – one that has seen the producer’s sound touch on everything from electro to disco. On his latest EP, Clouds Volume 2, Chris taps into his electro backbone to deliver three high-octane productions that are as unrelenting as they are gritty. “Techno Saturday” is punctuated by a Dutch breakdown, tactfully meshing together electro groans and techno-fueled percussion. On “Seesaw” Acid house reigns king, utilizing a barrage of 808s and ghastly synthesizers to push the track into overdrive. The most party-friendly track on the EP, “Tyhita” refuses to take any prisoners, featuring a shuffling bass line and thunderous kicks that are complimented by a peak hour vocal line encased in a fury of electro house punches.

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