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Passion Pit – Carried Away (Dillon Francis Remix)

I can almost hear Dillon Francis‘s personality toot, hoot, and blare through his latest remix for Passion Pit. A whimsical self-parody, Francis is a metaphorical Hawaiian shirt amongst polos. Still, his unwavering sense of humor avoids mitigating the concentrated force of his music. Instead, Dillon’s productions personify his own individuality, and in this case, through an amalgamation of lovestep, acid, and moombahton. Blissful chopped vocals float over the original chord progression before dropping into an avant garde acid-infused 112 bpm soiree, to wit, Dillon Francis in a nutshell. Acknowledging the production as one of his favorites to date, check past the break to see Dillon discuss the creative process in remixing Passion Pit.

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