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Paul Oakenfold unveils a new generation of ‘Southern Sun’ remixes

Despite being a relatively young genre presently littered with disposable anthems of the moment, dance music already sports a handful of songs that are truly timeless. Trance icon Paul Oakenfold‘s 2002 mega-single “Southern Sun” certainly qualifies. More than a decade later, Carla Werner’s haunting vocals have not lost one bit of the ecstatic edge that catapulted Oakenfold’s Bunkka album to the top of the electronic charts.

With a record number of global dance festivals on the summer horizon, the Perfecto boss decided the time was right to reboot the track with four new remixes geared towards modern trance and progressive house crowds. Fresh off his debut Perfecto release “Atlanta,” young Egyptian producer Moe Aly lends the track the big room chords and builds that dominate today’s scene without compromising the original track’s atmosphere. Cold Blue contributes two moody melodic trance remixes as well, while British house veteran Paul Thomas concludes the remix package with a soaring Pryda-inspired progressive house take on the track.

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