Simon Rust Lamb, COO of Insomniac explains our ‘Right to Rock ‘N’ Rave’Simon Rust Lamb

Simon Rust Lamb, COO of Insomniac explains our ‘Right to Rock ‘N’ Rave’

As dance music continues to increase its exposure in pop culture and the public eye, many of EDM’s premier events have come under fire for promoting illicit behavior among their patrons. Perhaps no event brand has had to deal with more scrutiny and accusations than Insomniac who since its inception has defined the dance music culture in Los Angeles and across the US. In a recent piece for Pollstar, Simon Rust Lamb, Insomniac’s COO, speaks out against these accusations by asserting a legal stance on the hot button topic.

While many would have you believe that Insomniac and their peers in the events industry act recklessly and without concern for the safety of their fans, the truth is that “producers of modern-day electronic music festivals, or raves, implement the same safety preparations as any other major music concert or sports event.”  Many dance music events even go so far as to heighten security and safety measures, with on-site medical personnel and security staff that far exceed the minimum requirements of the law.

Citing our first amendment rights, Lamb goes on to discuss a multitude of instances where the promoters and venues could not be held responsible for the actions of their attendees. Placing the blame not on the promoters for fostering the environment but rather on the individuals for displaying poor decision making skills.

“Blaming music events such as raves for drug abuse is like blaming video games (which are also protected by the First Amendment) for murders – artistic expression does not trigger illegal activity. Rather, illegal activity is the result of individuals making poor choices.”

As an industry, a scene, and a fanbase it is important to remember that our actions can have an adverse effect on how dance music is perceived by popular culture. As fans, we have a responsibility to act responsibly and represent our culture in a positive light.

Read the full dissertation at Pollstar.

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