TAI and Diplo – Booty Drop (Original Mix) [Free Download]Diplo Rooftop

TAI and Diplo – Booty Drop (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Looking for a surefire way to cause a ruckus? then look no further than Diplo‘s latest collaboration with TAI “Booty Drop.” Staying true to form, Diplo creates another ode to large asses, piecing together spastic, ADHD synthwork with hip hop percussion that is just as deviously infectious as “Express Yourself.” Somehow managing to create order out of chaos, Diplo and TAI deliver a surefire tent igniter, something so unapologetically frantic that it is impossible to ignore. Just in time for the warm weather, “Booty Drop,” brings back fond memories of last summer’s raucous Mad Decent Block Parties and the debauchery than ensued. Forget expressing yourself, it’s time for a new dance.

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