Cazzette revamps Tim Berg’s ‘Alcoholic’ with ‘Trapleg Mix’Artworks 000044754294 S2y370 T

Cazzette revamps Tim Berg’s ‘Alcoholic’ with ‘Trapleg Mix’

Before Avicii was Avicii, he was producing beats under his Tim Berg moniker, and the song that made its mark on the dance music world was “Alcoholic.” The eerie vocal caught on instantly and slowly began his rise to his present day superstardom. Labelmates Cazzette take on the track with an official remix slated to release on April 19th on Avicii’s Le7els imprint, maintaining its core elements around a steady downbeat to make one tasteful of a trap outing. Without altering the vocal, the duo have injected new life into a track that worked wonders at Ultra Music Festival and will surely become a dance floor destroyer this summer.

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