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Tritonal unleash ‘Bullet That Saved Me’ remixes

Tritonians and other inhabitants of Earth rejoice, because the “Bullet That Saved Me” remixes are upon thee. To be released via Beatport on April 29th, the remix package will contain four fresh takes on Tritonal’s lead single from their Metamorphic I EP. In addition to their own “Festival Mix,” Tritonal sought out Sebjak, Ken Loi, and Ilan Bluestone to deliver their interpretations of the track. The result? A formidable remix package of immense proportions.

The lead remix of the collection is Tritonal’s “Festival Mix.” The original vocal by Underdown float over a new breakdown section, likely to cause spontaneous sing-alongs at any festival venue. As one might imagine, the drop feels elevated, built for a bigger room (or clear blue skies above). The soaring synth melody over the top, coupled with the powerful driving energy of Chad and Dave’s thundering drums, demand that eyes be closed and hands be held high. An exciting and much appreciated remix from Tritonal, this take will be (and has been) a festival crowd-pleaser for sure.

Sebjak infuses a solid dose of bouncing electro, going bit darker than the original, but maintaining its vigor throughout. The piercing synths stab alongside Underdown’s vocal, leading furiously onwards through the remainder of the track. Not for the faint of heart, Sebjak’s “Rave Remix” is appropriately titled, as the crushing bass requires immediate standing up, jumping around, raving, or however your body reacts when the drop slams into play.

Ken Loi, in his take on “Bullet That Saved Me,” goes hard. Incredibly so. The staggering cannon-like drop precedes a breakdown which, including Underdown’s vocal and a heavy synth and bass section, maintaining the elephantine nature of the track, never giving much room to breathe. One of the more intense remixes on the release, Ken Loi’s rendition takes the elements of the original breaks out the chainsaw. Brace yourself.

If the entire remix bundle is a tremendous thunderstorm from start to finish, Ilan Bluestone’s remix, especially the sublime breakdown, is the sun re-appearing after a barrage of booming, hammering bass. Atmospheric and melodic, the mix maintains a high level of energy throughout. Drawing on the more progressive and trance elements of the original, Ilan Bluestone creates a musical experience which knows when to deliver the bass and when to launch the listener into the stratosphere like a bullet from the bright night sky. Massive speakers or headphones and an ear-to-ear smile are essential.

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