Will.i.am speaks out to Associated Press; ‘You can’t steal if you credited somebody’

In an interview with Associated Press, Will.i.am speaks out about the accusations that have been thrown his way regarding the use of “Rebound” in his latest track “Let’s Go,” claiming “you can’t steal if you credited somebody.” Heavily on the defensive, Will.i.am defers blame to both his legal team and Arty himself.

“What do I know, I give it to legal. I’m not an attorney, I did my piece. I gave credit to the person who did it. It’s not my fault he didn’t tell me about the other guy. So who’s to blame? I don’t know I wasn’t in the room when you made it. You should have told me you had a collaborator.”

Will continues to defend himself by claiming that this issue is something that commonly happens in music due to red tape and bureaucracy. “That happens a bunch of times. Where legal takes so long but creative is instantaneous.”

Via: Associated Press

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