Alvin Risk – Junkfood EP [Free Download]JunkFood Alvin Risk

Alvin Risk – Junkfood EP [Free Download]

You certainly can’t fault Alvin Risk for experimentation. From his feverish Infinity EP, to remixing the Prodigy, to singing on his own dubstep production “Skyclad,” Alvin Risk is a producer who’s demonstrated time and time again a will to push his sound to the furthest reaches of his imagination. His newest Junkfood EP is an embodiment of this frenetic, semi-maniacal creative spirit. The four track EP oscillates between familiar obliterating bass on “Put Em Up” and “Wash Dat,” to the stuttering synths and engine revving of “Zoom!” and furious breakbeat of “Tronce.” Seemingly a sporadic assemblage of genres, Junkfood EP is tied together by its spontaneous drive and carnival-like panache. You can download the entire EP for free from Alvin Risk’s website.

Free Download



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