Borgore – Sonata In F Major (Original Mix) [Preview]Borgore

Borgore – Sonata In F Major (Original Mix) [Preview]

As Borgore continues on the #TURNTLIFE tour that launched after Ultra and will take him to both EDC Chicago and Vegas, he’s found the time to release some new material along the way. The latest tune from the blue-eyed bass monster comes in the form of “Sonata in F Major,” a chord-based composition that goes spiraling down the dubstep hole. Led off with a keyboard melody and drumstep beat, the first movement is shattered when larger than life drops and merciless grinds break in, bringing the track down to dancefloor level. As a reminder of Borgore’s classical training, the melody is in fact in F major, the very key in which his favorite composer Bach wrote his famed Brandenburg Concertos 1 and 2. Offering a taste of what to expect on the king of cake’s forthcoming EP, “Sonata in F Major” will be released June 18th on Buygore Records.

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