Butch Clancy – Far Away From Me feat. Amy K (Original Mix)Butch Clancy Far Away From Me

Butch Clancy – Far Away From Me feat. Amy K (Original Mix)

While the majority of Butch Clancy’s original production has hence aired in the form of his full-length trap LP, A Beautiful MindClancy has returned to what he knows best: powerfully churning, heavily melodic dubstep. “Far Away From Me” is his newest original, and it’s unquestionably one of his most versatile productions to date. Alternating between daunting broken beat drops and deft four-on-the-floor patterns, “Far Away From Me” is an infatuating addition to Clancy’s diverse catalogue of bass music. Bolstered by the delicate voice of Amy K , “Far Away From Me” makes for a worthy first release on Dim Mak.

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